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How chess playing influences level of human cognitive abilities (Open access)

Stefanishina E.I., Komalova L.R.

1) Moscow State Linguistic University, 2) Institute of Scientific Information for Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia, Moscow,,


The paper features the findings of empirical research onto the impact of chess playing practice on the development of human cognitive abilities. In particular, based on scores obtained in testing verbal intelligence, spatial thinking and memory of 40 subjects (20 males and 20 females), who are chess players (n = 20) and are not chess players (n = 20), the research hypothesis was rejected. It means that there is no direct influence of the “chess playing” factor on the development of subjects’ cognitive abilities.


chess; cognitive abilities; Neurolinguistics

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For citing: Stefanishina E.I., Komalova L.R. (2023). How chess playing influences level of human cognitive abilities. Ethnopsycholinguistics. Moscow: INION RAN. Vol. 4(15), pp. 67-79. DOI: 10.31249/epl/2023.04.05

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