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Audiovisual means constructing metaphor in cinematic discourse (OPEN ACCESS)

Mikhailova O.R., Komalova L.R.

1)RUDN University, 2) Institute of Scientific Information for Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia, Moscow,


The paper overviews the notion of cinematic discourse, where metaphor is characterized as synthetic for it absorbs both audio and visual means. The findings of empirical research argue that visual components are more productive in perception of metaphors employed in movies.


cinematic discourse; metaphor; perception; linguаculture

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For citing: Mikhailova O.R., Komalova L.R. (2023). Audiovisual means constructing metaphor in cinematic discourse. Ethnopsycholinguistics. Moscow: INION RAN. Vol. 2(13), pp. 37-51. DOI: 10.31249/epl/2023.02.03

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